Tips to go out sailing in pleasure boats

Marinemax boats

For those who love sailing, today we want to give you a series of tips that will help you to spend an unforgettable day at sea. Going sailing in pleasure boats is not a good idea without knowing and making sure that everything is well and in order. That is why we want to give you a series of steps to follow and advice before going out to sea in Marinemax boats.

Recreational boats are those with a length between 2.5 and 24 meters. They usually have a maximum of 12 crew members. Those who are more fond of this activity will already know the different types that exist, but for those who are not so informed on the subject but would like to know a little more, here we show you which are pleasure boats.

Before sailing:

  • Check the condition of the pleasure boat.
  • Check that all papers are in order. In addition, you must possess, of course, the permission to handle this type of boats and to sail within the allowed zone.
  • To have in rule and obligatorily, the civil liability insurance for recreational boats.
  • Calculate the route on the road map: number of miles to be covered and the estimated sailing time.
  • Check the weather forecast for the area where you are going to sail. To sail in safe conditions it is essential that before embarking you consult the weather information of the area.
  • To consult guides about ports or anchorages, to verify that they are well protected.
  • Leave the map in a visible way to be able to see the latitude bar and to cross the distances with the compass. Everything adds up to sail Marinemax boats in a safe way.
  • Report the exact time of departure/arrival and port of departure/destination to be able to receive any warning of a possible unforeseen circumstance.

Have sufficient knowledge of radio communications:                               

  • It is stipulated by current regulations the radio communication system that must be carried on board each pleasure craft, depending on the area where it is allowed to navigate.
  • To know the maximum number of crew members that the boat can have.
  • If sailing at night, check the lighthouse book, where you will find the lighthouses in the area and notes on the subject.
  • Distribute the weights properly so that it does not affect navigation.
  • Have the knowledge of first aid: This is necessary because when a boat goes to sea you always have to be prepared for mishaps that may affect the crew.
  • Look for the insurance policy that best suits your boat and your needs. You must have, at least, a Compulsory Liability insurance for recreational boats from Marinemax boats. This way, you will sail with peace of mind.
  • In life on board, it is important to have provisions, both food and, above all, drinking water, as it is essential in case of staying out longer than expected.